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IAM Media

IAM Media is a technology project serving  churches and non-profit organizations in our community. Our goal is to provide the technical expertise and training to repair or upgrade their TV, sound, Information Technology and production facilities. Whether through upgrading to digital audio,  high definition multi-camera-camera, lighting, graphics, IMAG monitors and projection or live-streaming technology, IAM Media draws upon 30 years of television, broadcast and media experience in sports production, news, college media and worship technology to help them succeed.  

We provide services directly to non-profit organizations, churches and ministries consulting, helping to build and upgrade facilities or managing events. The health pandemic has made these services vital.  For many institutions, events and conferences and gatherings can only be fully or partially conducted through streaming, online or over television. IAM Media has a particularly valuable role to play in the community. 

Training has always been a central focus of IAM Media. We have conducted a "Crew Camp" where staff can be trained in the field on camera, audio, lighting, graphics and all other relevant production positions for TV/Film.  Training is an important component because without it having advanced tools are useless.  People we have trained have gone onto work in their local ministries and others have obtained industry work or have enrolled in college to further their knowledge.

William Wilson 

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